DIY with VanGo Part 3

By now, you know the drill. Your flaving journey doesn't have to stop with the e-juices you buy. You can mix and match our flavors to make your own delicious creations – flaving brings about a world of innovation in the world of artificial flavors.

Without further ado, here's a list of our favorite mixes of the month to inspire your experiments:

VanGo DIY Strawberry Souffle

MIX: Strawlen & The Cust 

RATIO: 1:1

SOURCE: Jennifer Prest

What goes well with strawberry? Custard of course! This blend is equal parts delicious and genius. The Cust is the perfect counterpart to Strawlen’s sweet strawberry and fruit explosion. In honor of one of our older flavors, we call this one Strawberry Souffle.  

VanGo DIY Caramel Cigar

MIX: Caramelized & Rich Tobacco

RATIO: 1:1

SOURCE: Kevin Nibbs

Coil builder and cloud chaser Kevin Nibbs shared this rich mix with us, and we are glad he did! If you were once a fan of Primetimes, then you’ll enjoy this caramel cigar treat. Simple, yet delicious caramel meets crisp Virginia tobacco, and they get along like lifelong pals.  

VanGo DIY Extreme Fruit Punch

MIX: Strawlen & Fruity Blast 

RATIO: 1:1

SOURCE: Saabir Daya

The chef’s choice this month packs a punch! All the berry goodness of Strawlen combines with Fruity Blast’s tasty medley of watermelon, kiwi, strawberry and blueberry. Saabir aptly calls his creation Extreme Fruit Punch. 

VanGo DIY Rooty Popsicle

MIX: The Root & Ice Shot

RATIO: 1:1

SOURCE: Frankie Beats

Shawn’s got great taste in music and in flavor! His creation features The Root, our newest and most popular juice yet, combined with an icy blast of VanGo’s proprietary menthol blend. Sweet, rooty and refreshingly cool, try making a Rooty Popsicle for yourself this week. 

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