DIY with VanGo

Fruit, pastry, soda, candy, coffee... VanGo's got it all. We pride ourselves on our selection of delicious flavors. Flavor-making is at the heart of what we do, and we like to think we have something for everybody. But the possibilities don’t end with the bottle you purchase! Far from it, as with just a little bit of creativity, you can mix and match any of our e-juices to create your very own flavor.  

Of course, it might take a little experimentation to create a mix you love. To help you get started on your mix and match mission, we gathered some inspiration from the pros.

Here are three VanGo approved DIY flavors to try, if you’re looking to “mix” things up!

MIX: Mellow Banana & Get 'em Grape 

RATIO: 1:4

SOURCE: Jennifer Prest

Brought to us by one of our prospect influencers, Jennifer swears by this sweet, tangy banana grape concoction. Mellow Banana, an ultra-smooth, ultra-balanced banana vape combines with Get em’ Grape, an intense mouthful of sweet & tangy grape, in an unconventional explosion of flavor. The sweet marshmallow candy flavor gently offsets and complements the tang of real vine ripened grapes. This mix is different and delicious, so definitely go and get some!

MIX: Frozen Waterberry & Cactus Jango 

RATIO: 1:2  

SOURCE: Ashraf Khan

Our very own accountant swears by this mix! All the fruits that you could want, slightly chilled. Frozen Waterberry’s delicate mix of watermelon, strawberry and kiwi frozen to perfection meets Cactus Jango, a tropical medley of jackfruit and mango with undertones of lychee, strawberry and cactus fruit. The powerful tropical flavors of Cactus Jango come out on top while Frozen Waterberry adds just the right amount of chill to the blend. If you’re looking for something fruity and a tad chilled, then here it is.

MIX: White Chocolate Mocha & Double Double 

RATIO: 1:1

SOURCE: Renan Aquino

Instagram sensation Renan Aquino has some serious DiY skills. This mix is coffee on coffee! White Chocolate Mocha’s overtones of white chocolate combine with Double Double’s deliciously dark espresso for a richly sweet blend. Layered underneath it all lie hints of nutty macadamia, sweetened vanilla and dark sugar. A half and half ratio makes this tempting mix easy to pull off. For something sweet and something smooth, skip the Tims and try this instead!  

Do you have a favorite DIY mix? We’d love to hear what it is. And check out Part 2 of our DIY with VanGo series! Tag us on social @vangovapes with the details for a chance to be featured in our next edition of DIY with VanGo!