Frequently Asked Questions


What is vaping?

Vaping means using an e-cigarette or vaping device. Both have a heating element that converts liquid into vapor which you then inhale. Vaping liquid comes in many different flavors and nicotine strengths; Some have no nicotine at all.  

Is vaping dangerous?

Research has shown that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes. While much safer than cigarettes, there are still some concerns. Most of the harm caused by cigarettes, including cancer, comes from tar. There is no tar in vaping liquids. Many of the e-liquids used in vaping devices contain nicotine. Nicotine can lead to circulation problems as well as heart disease. You can lower the risk by choosing e-liquids with less nicotine or with no nicotine at all.

Is vaping legal?

Yes! Vaping devices are similar to e-cigarettes and are completely legal. There are some legal restrictions on where you can use your vaping device but this will vary by jurisdiction. Many places that ban cigarette smoking indoors have begun to ban e-cigarettes as well. Vaping device are also banned on planes in some areas. 

Does vaping get you high?

No, most people vape e-liquid which contains only nicotine and flavoring. It is also possible to get e-liquid without nicotine.It is possible to buy herb vaporizers and some people use these to vape marijuana.

Which is better, vaping vs. smoking cigarettes?

E-cigs are vaping devices, however there is a much bigger range of vaping devices available. These devices, called vape mods, give you more options and allow you to customize your vaping experience.Vaping devices can have large refillable tanks, better atomizers, and larger batteries. Many have option to adjust the airflow, temperature, power output, and wattage. There are also a lot more flavors and nicotine strengths available for vaporizers than there are for e-cigarettes.

Does vaping have nicotine?

You can choose to vape with e-liquids that have no nicotine, or various different strengths of nicotine.   

What is flaving?

Flaving is the pure pleasure of experiencing flavors. It's more than just vaping - it's stimulating your senses with the deep, rich flavors and aromas of the juices. At VanGo Vapes, we make sure all of our juices are made for maximum enjoyment with maximum flavor. If you want something more than just vaping, then start your flaving experience here with us.

Further Questions?

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