Kellie Ann

Founding member of VAEP

“Every shift, during my years as a hospital RN, I cared for patients suffering with smoking-related diseases.

 I formed VAEP to assist the public and health professionals with learning about vaping as a harm reduction strategy.”

Saadiq Daya

CEO of VanGo Vapes / Member of VAEP

"VAEP is dedicated to educating vapers and non-vapers onthe truth about vaping by debunking some of the common misconceptions and myths, spreading awareness, and helping people find the true facts. They are also constantly creating creating new content for social sharing. That is why I proudly support them."

Vaping Advocacy and Education Project Inc

We make learning resources that are easy for people to understand.

Through advocacy and education, disseminate to the general population accurate and comprehensive information about vaping. Ensure smokers can make an informed decision about vaping as a smoking alternative.

To ensure everyone can make informed decisions about vaping, all of our learning materials are free of charge and always accessible.