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Fruity Pack (4 Flavours)

Fruity Pack (4 Flavours)


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Enjoy luscious blends of your favourite fruits, perfectly crafted. This bundle contains all your fruity goodies (4 flavors).

Pinaculars - This new addition to the Quenchers line up contains juicy pineapples, layers of rich bananas and undertones of sweet coconut.

Cactus Jango - Containing unique fruits like Jackfruit, Lychee and Cactus with popping flavours like Strawberry and Mango, it is a full-mouthed flavour like no other.

Undika - Undika is a tropical masterpiece like no other. A combination of juicy Pineapples, fresh Pink Guavas and Tangerines in an exotic envelope of African Horned Cucumber & hints of Cactus.

Blue Grazberry - Blue Grazberry is a Blue Raspberry flavour with a crazy twist! We combined the sweetest, most popping Raspberry flavours together with white grapes and steeped it to create a Blue Raspberry Champagne!

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