Frozen Ophelia

Frozen Ophelia

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Frozen Ophelia is our number one top selling flavor. We used our signature menthol blend that keeps you refreshed, but does not overwhelm the beautiful fruity mixture we combined with the menthol. We infused cactus fruit, mango, strawberry and kiwi to create a smooth and refreshing vaping experience that makes it the perfect all day vape.

VG Ratios:

  • 0, 3 and 6mg - 70% VG
  • 12 and 18mg - 65% VG
  • All salt variants - 50% VG

Note: All our salts are made from benzoic acid free nicotine salts!

Try out the disposable Flaving Stix version down here:

Click here to check the Frozen Ophelia disposable vape!

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