VanGo Influencer 2018 Recap

Where would we be without our amazing fan base? Not where we are today, that’s for sure. 2018 was an amazing year, and a big part of that is thanks to our influencers. They supported us on social, helped us spread our flaving mission, made sure our product launches were a success and even came with us on a trip or two!

Here’s an insider look at some of our influencer programs & events! You can also watch a compilation of some of our favorite influencer moments here.

Prospects Program

We created this program for everyone. We didn’t want to turn influencers away due to superficial things like lack of followers. We wanted to give everyone a chance to be part of the VanGo team. Our prospect program gives people that chance! Through the program, potential influencers can earn full sponsorship. There are several packages available to prospects at low cost that contain everything necessary to kickstart their sponsorship. Visit our Influencer Center for all the details!

Instagram Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? We had a ton of fun last year handing out everything from juice to swag. A big thank you to all the groups who helped us make our giveaways a success! BC Vapers, Edmonton Vapers, Passionate Vapers and Mad Hatters Vaping Asylum — you guys rock.

Mix of the Week (MOTW) Highlights

It started with a happy accident. @vangomom mixed Mellow Banana and Get Em’ Grape and the result was a flavor so delicious she had to tell us about it. It inspired us to start our MOTW series. We regularly mix our e-juices, so why not share our favorite creations? Follow us @vangovapes to catch these awesome e-mixes!

The Root Campaign

Near the end of last year, we launched The Root. Our influencers were instrumental in helping us promote this delicious new flavor. To keep the momentum going, we’re launching a special social campaign on February 4th. This campaign is geared towards creating hype for The Root, but also helping our influencers cultivate their skills and explore new styles of photography. The tasks for this campaign involve taking more interactive shots which help our influencers maximize their capacity, and have fun doing it. For instance, a task would be to take a picture of your favorite flavor with your favorite view in the background — so what's not to like! Tune in to @vangovapes to follow the campaign.

To all our influencers, prospects and fans, thank you for your continued loyalty and support! We simply couldn’t do what we do without you.

Interested in becoming a VanGo influencer? Visit our influencer center for details on how to join the fam!