Influencer Center

Thank you for your interest in the VanGo Influencer program! This area is for those fans of ours who want to go the extra mile to spread the VanGo love to those in your circles. The process is simple - apply to be a sponsor and if approved, you will move on to the next step. If your profile isnt exactly what we are looking for dont fret! You still have a chance to prove what you can do with our prospector center.

If you already part of a campagin, simply select which one above and it will take you to the relavent page.

If you are not part of our Prospector or Sponsor program this is where to start. Simply follow the process below and you will be on your way to becoming a part of the VanGo movement!

In order for us to guage whether your profile fits our direction, please click on the above icon which will take you to our influencer portal. To start enter your email address into the relavent field, read over our terms and privacy policy, then click on "Get Started." You will then see a list of questions, please make sure to fill out everything as accurately as possible.

Please note that the more social media accounts you link to our portal the better the chance of being accepted! If you have any questions in this regard, see below for our FAQ to do with our application.


what does "FLAVOR PREF - FRUIT" mean?

This section and the following ones titled "FLAVOR PREF - (flavour type)" is a very important field because it gives us an idea of what flavours you like to vape on. We would like you to rate that profile from 1 (hate) to 5 (love) using those numbers or any other ones in between.

How many social accounts should i connect?

You should connect all the social accounts you have! If you are trying to connect your facebook account and you have other pages associated with your account (like a business), most likely it will not work so please send us an email and we will connect it from the back end.

How long does it usually take to get an answer?

We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our team support so you should receive a reply within one business day.