VanGo Vapes is well known for It’s carefully crafted e-liquid. The team takes multiple steps to ensure that each flavor is precisely what they had set out to achieve. Through ideation, creation, testing and than flaving, you can almost guarantee that the final product is going to deliver.

It was through this process that CEO Saadiq Daya realized that the team needed to make some changes. In the past few years, the vaping industry has seen a rise in the use of NicSalts, as well as disposable devices and pods. Both of which use a nicotine strength higher than that of the traditional freebase. “All of VanGo’s testing was typically done using 3mg nicotine strength and that had worked wonderfully for all the years when freebase was at the forefront of the market, but things have changed.” – Daya

The flavor experience is different depending on the level of nicotine used, and if there one thing that VanGo will not sacrifice, it is immaculate flavor. They are the ‘Flaving Connoisseurs’ after all!

The team started testing different nicotine and combinations of nicotine that had been meant to target higher nic strengths, until a 'last, black edition was created.

Black Edition is VanGo Vapes proprietary nicotine and is currently offered in our TOP THREE selling flavors: Frozen Ophelia, The Root, and Cactus Jango. It is a concoction of freebase and NicSalt nicotine and offers substantial flavor for those 20mg nicotine selections. Beyond that, the Black Edition offers a slightly harder hit for those vapers that are feeling the impact of new federal regulations that’s recently put a nicotine cap of 20mg.

So why juice Vango’s Black Edition? It is the ultimate flaving experience and packs a punch like no other!