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Vaping Dream - Frozen (9 Flavors)

Vaping Dream - Frozen (9 Flavors)


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Buy the full collection of the Frozen lineup (10 flavors). Choose your nicotine strength and size to get started on finding your perfect menthol flavor! This cool collection of fruity mixes are all based off VanGo Vape's Signature Menthol blend - so don't miss out on this amazing deal!


Waterberry - This e-liquid is a blend of juicy watermelon, sweet strawberries and kiwi that will blow you away from the fruity explosion.

Melons - This flavor is a combination of fresh watermelon, juicy cantaloupe and honeydew infused with VanGo’s signature menthol blend.

Mango - Frozen Mango is a classic flavor where we sourced the juiciest tasting tropical mango with VanGo’s signature menthol blend to enjoy all year long.

Peaches - This flavor is a perfect all day vape for vapers seeking a smooth peach e-liquid that has a menthol kick to keep you cool and refreshed all year long.

Strawana - Frozen Strawana is a combination of juicy strawberries and a perfectly ripened banana infused with VanGo’s signature menthol blend, resulting in Frozen Strawana.

Grapes - A simple flavor, yet a satisfying and complex flavor of grape paired with VanGo’s signature menthol blend.

Blueberry - Fresh blueberries handpicked from the local market infused with VanGo’s signature menthol blend.

Sophene - This tropical e-liquid is the perfect combination of strawberriespineapple and a drizzle of menthol.

Persicor - This flavor contains a medley of juicy peaches along with sharp, yet sweet blackcurrants and topped off with the signature VanGo cooling blend!

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