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The Ophelia - 60 mL (BC Compliant)

The Ophelia - 60 mL (BC Compliant)


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Next up we have the Ophelia's and between Frozen Ophelia and regular Ophelia, the key differences are the sweetener levels and the fact that Frozen Ophelia is in fact, frozen and cold to the taste! Other than that, get a hold of this delicious cactus, mango, kiwi & strawberry combination ASAP!

Have you ever wondered what the mint version of your vape would taste like? Or even vice versa and it's the non-mint version? Well wait no longer because if you're a fan of any of these "Crews" or pairs of juices, then you will not be disappointed.

We've got 3 Crews or Pairs that we've released over the years and each one of them deserves much more recognition. All of the menthols of course use our proprietary VanGo cooling blend, but you'll definitely find that each flavor has a different cooling variation. On top of that, when making menthol or non-menthol versions of flavors, it's never as simple as just adding mint or taking it out. Rather, we reformulate all the fruits and cooling from scratch to make each Flave a unique experience.

Now let's get into helping you choose YOUR Crew! Each crew contains 2 x FreeBase 30 mL bottles and are all BC Compliant.

  1. Cactus Jango & Jango Chill
  2. Frozen Ophelia & Ophelia
  3. Sophie & Frozen Sophene

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