Wholesale e-Juice for Vape Retailers

When you are looking to invest your hard earned cash into E Juice / E Liquid, you want to be as sure as possible that it is going into a reputable, high quality eliquid from a wholesale vape company with excellent customer service. You will not have to worry about "high call volumes" wasting your time, or endless emails not being responded to - VanGo Vapes does not take your orders for granted. As soon as your wholesale ejuice order is received, it gets entered into our production software and gets worked on as soon as possible. You will be updated on the ETA and as soon as your E Liquid is shipped by courier, we will give you a tracking number. 

In addition to being an electronic cigarette E Juice top customer service wholesale distributor, we excel in the quality of our juices as well.  We only use non-GMO, Kosher and Halal food grade ingredients sourced in Canada, produced in sanitary commercial conditions; rest assured, you are not buying basement juice. We cater to your VG/PG blend requests, normally ranging from 50/50 VG/PG ratio to max VG ejuice. We also offer nicotine and non-nicotine / nicotine free ejuice from 0mg to 24mg in bottles ranging from 10 mL to 1 Litre jugs. As a premier Canadian Ejuice supplier we pride ourselves on making eliquid that we ourselves would and do vape all day, every day.

Some of the benefits of being one of our retailers are:

  • No MOQ's on any of our premium juices. Even if you need to restock on 10, 5 or even 1 bottle just place an order and it will be at your store! For our Classic line, the MOQ is 5 for 10 ml's, 3 for 30 ml's, and 1 for 60 ml's and 120 ml's
  • Full stock protection on all our 30ml premium juices. This means that you can return any juices that do not sell in your market, and receive a credit towards whatever juice you choose (less a 10% restock fee).
  • Free shipping to all our Canadian customers on orders above $1,000.
  • All 60ml and 120ml bottles produced in 2017 onwards are in Chubby Gorilla bottles. 30ml bottles will continue to be sent out in glass bottles with tamper evident seals.
  • All orders will be sent out within 3 business days. Typically if it is all premium juices, it will be sent in 1 to 2 business days.
  • Our Instagram is more active than ever. Check out #vangovapes

Contact Us

Contact us now to find out more about our wholesale eliquid, to request samples, and for our prices. Our product line is filled with close to 200 different flavours with very competitive rates.

Find more information on our wholesale website at www.wholesale.vangovapes.com.