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Over the last few years we have had the pleasure of working with a very diverse range of influencers from amateurs to professionals and everything in between. We truly realized that people's value to the team can come in many forms, and simply looking at Instagram engagement is not a very accurate measure of potential synergy. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have such a diverse team, ranging across the world, with all kinds of talents and skills to bring to the table.

What is the Prospect Program?

In the past, we would add potential sponsors to our list and then review them periodically, however, with 100's of applicants monthly, it was very hard for us to manage and sift through to find the people that were truly motivated for the team.

That is why we created the prospects program. Instead of turning everyone down, we give people that we see potential value in a chance to show their value. The packages that we have created are being offered at less than cost as there is merchandise, clothing, juice and shipping costs involved.

The prospect program is a program for people who we have identified to have potential value to the team. We have offered 4 packages with enough merchandise to start you off; the cost we are charging partly offsets the costs. We have set the prospect program in levels; as you complete each level we evaluate if you have qualified for the Influencer Program.

The purpose of this campaign is to:

- Help spread the brand
- Find new people who are going to bring heart and commitment to the team

What are the qualifications for the influencer team?

The following are some of the aspects we look at when adding members to the team

- Public image
    - Style of pics, quality of content, consistency, engagement
- Engagement (likes and comments)
- Active followers
- Content
- Number of flavors you have tried
- High number of clicks on referral link
- Wholesale referrals


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