World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is on June 8th this year, which is right around the corner. This day is for everyone from around the world to take the time and think about ways we could help protect our oceans. #togetherwecan 

This is because when it comes to caring about our Earth, we need to do it right the first time. There is no Planet B.  

We want to stress the importance of eliminating waste and litter before it reaches our oceans. Cigarette butts are constantly ending up in our bodies of water, which is why switching to a Vape is not only healthy for you, but for the planet. In our Earth Day blog, we mentioned how cigarette butts are the worst ocean pollutant (worse than straws, guys… it’s that bad). All the innards from the cigarettes make their way into our earth as the butt decomposes. Next thing you know, its drained into the ocean. I’m talking chemicals and micro-plastics. Studies are beginning to look more into micro-plastics because it’s being found in most of our food, water, animals, and ourselves. While it’s still uncertain what exactly the long-term effects of us ingesting micro-plastics could be, it’s something to be aware of.  

Vaporizers have reusable pieces, unlike cigarettes. No one squishes their Vape on the pavement or tosses it in a shrub. When you’re done with an E-cigarette cartomizer or the batteries, you can recycle it no problem.  

Another important reminder to everyone, is if you do smoke cigarettes, to please make sure you extinguish them. We’re officially in forest fire season, and ones that are started by humans disrupt the entire cycle nature has planned. Oceans included. While we’re here… compost, don’t leave the tap running, and recycle your Starbucks Frappuccino cups instead of tossing them in the trash.  

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