We are now in the day and age where disposable ENDS products, also known as disposable vapes, are becoming increasingly popular in today’s vaping industry. You may be surprised by what’s making them so popular and beneficial. 

Vapers are now discovering that disposable vapes are able to provide a consistent vaping experience throughout the day. Disposable vaping devices, such as the Flaving Stix, are user friendly, convenient and deliver a smooth & flavoured hit thanks the capacity of its coils. Our Flaving Stix use a mixture of NicSalts and Freebase or BoldSalts instead so that it has more of a full hit. Disposable vapes, as the name suggests, are all-in-one devices that come with a fully charged battery and are pre-filled with an e-liquid. The device is thrown away once the the juice runs out or the battery dies, depending on the quality of the product.

One of the biggest perks of a disposable vape is how user friendly it is. Upon opening the box, the vape is ready to be used. No priming coils, charging batteries, setting up tanks, so on and so forth. Being so easy to use, they draw attention to new vapers and those who are making the effort to quit smoking. However, the simplicity of the device even draws in expert vapers so they can have a convenient vaping style along with their larger devices. Another instance for dual usage between refillable vapes and disposable vapes would be for camping or events and outings. It is much simpler to pick up a disposable device for the day and revert to your regular device when the need for convenience isn't so pressing.

From a financial standpoint, disposable vapes are priced depending on the amount of puffs per disposable. Most devices range from 300 to 2000 puffs and while it is more cost effective when there are more puffs, using a refillable vaping device will always be significantly more cost effective. While being on the go or at home, disposable vapes are loved by many due to how compact they are. The slim and sleek design makes them perfect for on-the-go. This offers a huge advantage over your typical cumbersome mod that can’t fit in your pocket.

Since disposable vapes have hit the market they’ve been a popular choice around the world. Due to the convenience, effectiveness and user friendly features, new and even experienced vapers have been drawn to them. Disposables also have many other quality features such as leaf proof technology, maintenance free units and are a lot easier for travel. As time goes on, disposables will continue to grow in popularity around the world. If you’re looking for the best disposable vape in Canada you’ll want to give VanGo’s Flaving Stix a try. Available in our proprietary nicotine blend, BoldSalts, you can try Cactus Jango, The Root and Frozen Ophelia in our disposables so you’ll be guaranteed a satisfying vaping experience throughout the day!