West Coast Vape Expo 2018 Bremerton, Washington.

West Coast Vape Expo 2018 Bremerton

June 15th, 2018 Steven Bustrin, H2 Digital Marketing

Starting July 7th through 8th, West Coast Vape Expo (WCVE) is bringing together the second vape expo ever in Washington, raising awareness and money for vaping advocacy and to bring you one massive event full of entertainment! WCVE will be held at the Kitsap Conference Center having 17,000 square feet prepared with major companies from all over the world in support of the event, presenting some of their newest and highlighted products to date.

NOT BLOWING SMOKE will be one of the special guests to speak on the FDA regulations and what we can do as a community to help with these updates along with better informing of what’s to come for the vape industry. WCVE will have a live auction and raffles all going towards the vape advocacy, hundreds of vendors doing massive giveaways and live music to bring the electricity to the event! Not to forget there will be a West Coast Vape Expo Cloud and Trick Competition, the grand prize for winners being $1000! If you are daring enough and have some impressive tricks, press your luck and go home with some cash.

We (VanGo Vapes) are the presenting sponsor of this event and we plan on shutting it down! If you are a local fan in support of the brand this event would be perfect for you. We will be releasing some new products for you to sample along with some of our featured products for you to enjoy! Make sure to grab your tickets as soon as you can because tickets are limited. This event will be the biggest in Washington yet...


Bremerton Harborside is located next to the Naval Base in Kitsap and is the largest city in the Kitsap Peninsula. It is connected to Seattle by two ferries, a 60-minutes ride that carries both walk-on passengers and vehicles. If you want to have some World War II history, there are two navy ships (USS Missouri and USS Arizona) that demonstrate where U.S. involvement in WWII started on December 7, 1941 and where it ended by the singing of the Peace Treaty on September 2, 1945. Along with the Naval Base there’s plenty of other fun things to do in the area such as hiking, food, and other entertainment.

Not only will this event be special, providing an opportunity to raise money and awareness for vaping advocacy, but you will be able to soak in some world history and have some amazing sights to see.

Please visit WestCoastVapeExpo.com to see more information and other vendors who will be attending, where to purchase tickets, and if you need hotel recommendations it’s all there. We are excited for this July 7th and we look forward to seeing you there!