The VanGo Monthly Mixes

Welcome back to another round of monthly mixes!

For the month of June, we have a wonderful assortment of fruity, frozen, and fun.

At VanGo, we believe that everyone should enjoy the creativity and experimentation involved in mixing flavors, which is why we love to hear your suggestions. Below are four mixes to get you started (or help you continue) your journey as a flavorist.

Fruity Blast + Frozen Ophelia = Fruité FraisMix: Fruity Blast Frozen Ophelia Fruité Frais

Source: @the_cumbrian_vaper

This fruity blend has an essence of cool menthol for those of you craving the sweetness of a fruit-flavored e-juice, but with something to cut the intensity. It has notes of refreshing strawberry, kiwi, mango, cactus, watermelon, and blueberry. What a fruitful experience!

Banana Cannon + VCT = Banana Cigar

Mix: Banana Cannon VCT Banana Cigar

Source: @beats.frankie

People are going bananas for Banana Canon, so it only made sense when a tobacco banana mix was created. The custard from VCT melds so smoothly with Canon, and the tobacco flavor gives it another level of rich, earthy essence to top off all the vanilla x banana x custard goodness.

Cinnastix + Mellow Banana = Banana Bread

Mix: Cinnastix Mellow Banana Banana Bread

Source: @pogey_the_vaping_wizard

This one is creative genius. Banana bread is such a staple in the bakery world, and so addicting too. It is loved by all, and so is this mix! The doughy cinnamon blend from Cinnastix crossed with the softer flavor of Mellow Banana makes it so good you could vape it all day, every day.

HOF Watermelon + Ice shot = Watermelon Popscicle

Mix: HOF Watermelon Ice Shot Watermelon Popsicle

Source: @raycloudz

Have you ever tried watermelon sorbet? It's light, refreshing, cold, and beyond yummy. This mix hits the nail on the head with a perfect summer flavor for those hot, sweaty, stuck-at-work days. You can play around with the ratio to get your desired kick of menthol.