Vaping Vacations: Tropical Paradise

Talcum-white sand beaches, soaring mountains, and waterfall-dotted rainforests— as tropical destinations go, Guadeloupe has it all.  

This archipelago of over a dozen islands is one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets. From above, the two main islands look like the wings of a butterfly, and once you land, the wonders continue.  

Grande-Terre, which translates to large land, is the eastern island, and offers pristine beaches as far as the eye can see.  

Basse-Terre, which translates to low land, is the western island, and ironically, it features lush, mountainous terrain. The crowning jewel of this island is the awe-inspiring La Soufrière volcano.  

The culture is as diverse as the landscape on this collection of islands. African, Creole, French and Indian influences are all apparent in the mix of food, drink and architecture.  

This beautiful medley of cultures is refreshingly authentic, just like the people who make Guadeloupe their home. Once you arrive, it won't be long before you’re invited to taste the rum that’s always on tap, explore the endless trails that wind through the rainforests and discover the hidden beaches that dot the islands.  

It’s an adventurer’s paradise. Whether you love diving, hiking, wildlife-watching or all of the above, Guadeloupe has an island for you.  

Yet, it’s also the perfect place to go to chill. You can kick back at any number of rustic cafes and enjoy a low-key vibe with a fresh mango smoothie in hand. After all, these islands are famous for the juicy, tropical fruit that grows so easily in the rich, volcanic soil.  

That feeling of pure relaxation while you listen to some local tunes and enjoy the flavor of hand-picked fruit, pleasantly tired after a day on the water or trekking through the mountains... That’s the feeling of tropical paradise 

This experience is the inspiration behind our flavor: Tropical Paradise 

Crisp, clean authentic mango and lychee flavors combine with a perfect balance between notes— just like the balance you find while kicking back, a thousand miles away, on an island built for bliss.  

So, even if you can’t travel to the Guadeloupe this summer, you can always take a vaping vacation there with Tropical Paradise— a flavor made special for the laid-back adventurer.  

Try it and be transported to paradise!