Coconut, pineapple & Hawaiian wind. A delicious tropical mix that will bring you to the beach.

You have all heard about how the air smells like flowers in Hawaii, and now you can bring that amazingly refreshing aroma with you wherever you vape.

Hawaii is the Queen of tropical vacations. This vacation paradise is family friendly while still being adventurous enough for the young adults looking to make memories.

Hawaii boasts 8 unique islands that you can immerse yourself in. Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe. There is always something new or special to uncover at every beach, resort, town, or road-side shaved ice stand.

The warm sand, the Pina Coladas on the beach, the luaus with slow-roasted pig and endless coconut inspired desserts. That’s why we were so inspired to make this e-juice. It has that coconut-y taste that everyone tends to try in some variant while in Hawaii – how could you not?

Waikiki Beach waits for you with warm, open arms of sand. You can spend the day on this amazing stretch of beach or take a brief visit and find another hidden beach to relax. This goes hand in hand with the flavor of Hawaiian wind that you would surely enjoy along the island’s coast.

Maui’s Dole Plantation is an adventure in and of itself you can take a tour, try their juices and more – just like the juicy notes of pineapple in Hawaiian Breeze.

One of the best activities to do would be snorkeling in the clear blue waters of a Hawaiian island, watching the multicolored fish, the reef, the turtles, and more. There are guided tours or just suggested locations for you to discover for yourself.

The laid-back atmosphere of Hawaii makes for an amazing escape, away from the bustle of work, city life, and stress in general. It’s the perfect place for someone who needs a little break from their “To-Do List” life, or maybe a memorable family vacation. Hawaii also has the romantic potential for a couple’s getaway – although you might not want to return home.

Our flave, Hawaiian Breeze channels the ukulele strumming, pineapple sipping, floral essence of Hawaii in all the right ways. Whether you want to take this flavor with you to Hawaii or enjoy it in front of that postcard your friend sent you from their trip to Maui last year, it’s a guaranteed enjoyable taste.