Vaping Laws in Japan

Is Vaping Legal in Japan?

Simply put, vaping is legal in Japan. Although it is not as common as other countries like Canada, the USA and the UK, it is starting to become more popular as people switch from cigarettes.

Where can you buy vape juice in Japan?

Across Japan in cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and others, there are more and more people starting to vape through vape stores that are popping up just like most other countries. The problem that arises however is that in Japan, there are very strict rules on selling and purchasing nicotine eliquid.

Liquid nicotine that is used in e liquid is pharmaceutical substance in Japan so if you want to buy locally, only pharmacists can sell it (as of now, no pharmacists sell it). Basically it is illegal to sell nicotine ejuice in japan,,,

However fortunately that law does not mean it is illegal to buy eliquid containing nicotine in Japan. According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare <> in Japan, you can actually bring in a 1 month supply of nicotine eliquid. This not only applies to if you are coming into Japan but also importing it from out of country. What the Japan Customs agency considers 1 month supply to be is 120ml of juice.

VanGo Vapes ships nicotine containing eliquid regularly to Japan. We ship both freebase and salt nicotine to Japanese customers from all over the country, and have had resounding success at it. As long as you are importing up to 120ml of liquid, you are good.

How long does it take to ship ejuice to Japan?

Typically it will take 3 to 5 days for the e juice to reach the vaper in Japan. VanGo Vapes uses UPS for most of the deliveries, so you can be certain you will get it. There may be a customs delay as with anything coming from out of the country so make sure to plan ahead.

What type of vape flavors are popular in Japan?

According to our data, the most popular e liquid flavors in Japan are Menthol, Fruits, Tobacco's and then Creams. Make sure to check out VanGo Vapes' selection of over 80 different flavours of liquids and contact us if you have any questions!