Vaping in Public: What You Need to Know

Picture this. It’s a beautiful day. You’re sitting on a patio having lunch with some friends, and you pull out your vape to take a puff. Only then do you see the server hurrying towards you with a frown on his face...

We’ve all been there. As vapers, it just makes sense to us that if you’re outside (or inside for that matter!), it’s okay to vape.  

After all, we know that vaping is nowhere near as harmful as smoking. We also know that the smell of vapor doesn’t linger or cling to clothes like cigarette smoke. In fact, vapor smells like the delicious flavors you enjoy, not like toxic chemicals.

So, it can be confusing to understand what the rules are around vaping in public. It doesn’t help matters that the rules change depending on where you are!  

Which is why we’ve put together this handy guide on the dos and don’ts of vaping in public. Follow these general guidelines and never again will you suffer the embarrassment of being told off for vaping.  

Dos & Don’ts of Vaping  

Rule #1 – Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Often, it’s when you’re not paying attention that things go sour! It's such a natural thing for us vapers that often, we don’t consider our surroundings. This can get us in trouble because there are many public places where vaping is prohibited. For example, in many cities, it’s illegal to vape in public areas like parks.  

Who would’ve thought? The rules vary depending where you are, but parks are a smoke and vapor free zone in a lot of areas. Other public places to be aware of include sports arenas, certain businesses and the entrances and exits of these types of facilities.  

What’s more, many restaurants and bars make their own rules about vaping. Generally though, these places are off limits too. If you do go for a bite and pop out for a vape, make sure you walk a good distance from the entrance just to be safe.  

Rule #2 – If You Can’t Smoke, You Probably Can’t Vape

Because vaping is still new and widely misunderstood, a lot of cities and states have taken the easy route out by applying their smoking laws to vaping. This means that as a rule, if you can’t smoke, you can’t vape.  

We hope this rule will change with time as vaping is better understood and accepted. But for the time being, if you follow this guideline, you’ll be just fine.   

Rule #3 – If You’re Not Sure, Ask!  

Finally, there are some places that are vaper friendly. This is because, like we said earlier, many establishments are free to make their own rules. However, it’s tough to know whether a place is vaper friendly or not, so if you’re in doubt, just ask. People will appreciate the respect you show by asking, and they might just say yes.  

Good Places to Vape  

Your Home  

The best place to vape is in the comfort of your home. If you have a back patio, put your feet up at the end of a long day, and enjoy vaping in peace! You can also vape indoors because vapor just dissipates without leaving a smell. If you’re on your own property, you absolutely have the right to vape.

In Nature

If you’re all by yourself in nature, hiking, or out for a walk in the country, you can vape away. As long as you’re not in a public park where kids are running around, you’re probably fine. Just be mindful of the people around you (if there are any)!  

Vape Shops

Yes, you’re welcome to vape in a vape shop! How else can you test out all the delicious flavors on offer? And, after all, you’ll be surrounded by fellow vapers who like you, understand how safe vapor is.  

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