Vape Jam UK 4 Recap


2018 Vape Jam UK 4 Recap

London, U.K. April 6-8th, 2018

London, notorious for one of the biggest vape expos in the world and have been doing in big since 2014. Vape Jam UK pioneers in being the first vape related show in the United Kingdom brought manufacturers, consumers, hobbyists and people looking for a safer alternative to tobacco from around the world together. This event was focused on TPD compliant products, advocacy, legislation and tons of fun!

Over 4,000 people attended and companies gathered together to celebrate one massive event! There were giveaways, awards and tons of other fun and entertaining props and booths being displayed. It was so popular that it attracted major publishing companies like Vice, Yahoo News, and CNN to cover the event.

A couple stages were put together for mic announcements and competitions and honestly, seeing the raving fans go nuts over giveaways and other fun things made the event very electric. Social media influencers and other popular online enthusiasts shared a ton of behind-the-scenes of different companies and captured these moments of endless freebies being handed out. Give yourself a moment to Youtube some of the video recaps on this event and soak in just how amazing Vape Jam UK 4 was.

London in general was absolutely amazing as a city and what a better way to top off the city then to have an amazing event. If you haven’t had an excuse to see an expo and wanted to travel somewhere, Vape Jam UK is the event to go to.

As for VanGo, it was pretty amazing to see all of our loyal customers from overseas supporting our original flavors along with giving them samples of our up-and-coming new products. Even though setting up for a trade show can be somewhat exhausting the enthusiasm and energy from the event was electrifying and well worth it. We had an opportunity to check out the local food and explore around the town making this trip everything but a dull moment.

Judging by the amount of people, the vape industry has found its place in the UK. After exploding a couple years back in the States, the multi-billion dollar industry has virtually exploded. We were pleased to see the amount of support for the community as more and more people are switching over to vape. If we were to put our own opinion on the future of Vape Jam, it could possibly be one of the biggest events in all of London!

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