What Vape Juice Flavor Goes with Your Personality?

What Vape Juice Flavor Goes with Your Personality?

Vape juice flavors are like snowflakes. Even though there are thousands of them out there, each one is unique and has something special to offer. People are like that too. We all have different personalities — loves, likes and dislikes. With so many factors at play, finding the perfect flavor for your personality can get complicated... So, we thought it would be fun to help you narrow down your search by creating a flavor personality matcher!

Check out what vape juice flavor goes with what personality, according to our VanGo experts:  

Coffee Flavors – Dynamic & Down-to-Earth

You like your morning coffee almost as much as you like your morning coffee flavored vape. Coffee drinkers are typically go-getters with vibrant personalities. Master multi-taskers who don’t break a sweat, and who don’t take themselves too seriously either... You love to chat — just after you’ve had your morning coffee and vape!  

Our Recommendation: Double Double 

Dessert Flavors – Sweet & Supportive

If you can’t get enough caramel, crave chocolate cake and always have your hand in the literal cookie jar, chances are you’re also always ready to lend a helping hand. In other words, research tells us that people who enjoy sweets are, well, sweet! Full of compassion and unfailingly friendly? We predict you’ll find your perfect match in a dessert flavored vape juice.  

Our Recommendation: Banana Cannon 

Fruit Flavors – Fresh & Fun

The fruit lover is notorious for being the life of the party. You enjoy the simple things in life like good food and good company. People are drawn to you because of your laid-back, happy-go-lucky nature, and nature is where you feel most at home. If this sounds like you, you are bound to enjoy simple, fruit-flavored vape juices most of all!

Our Recommendation: Strawlen 

Menthol Flavors – Cool & Carefree

You’re cool as a cucumber in a snowstorm. Stuck in traffic? Forgot to pick up the milk? No matter. You get that life isn’t about all the little things that may go wrong, it’s about enjoying all the things that go right! If you’re unfazed by the bus being full or the barista getting your coffee wrong, and you can’t help but smile for no reason in particular, menthol flavored vape juices will be right up your alley.  

Our Recommendation: Frozen Ophelia 

Tobacco Flavors - Charismatic and Curious

You’ve probably smoked a cigarette or two in your lifetime, and as a vapor you are nostalgic for that tobacco taste. Tobacco heads love to tell, as well as listen to, a good story. You used to regal your coworkers with funny anecdotes on your five-minute smoke break, and you’ve never given up the habit of entertaining, although now it’s a vape break! For you, tobacco flavored vape juices are where it's at.  

Our Recommendation: Silky Smooth 

The good news is, no matter who you are, we guarantee we have a flavor that is your perfect match. And with hundreds of delicious VanGo flavors to choose from, finding the right one is half the fun.


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