Vape Care in the Summer

The days are ticking away, but there is still time for summer adventures. From the beach to camping, patio parties and road trips, there are a few things to think about if you will be vaping.

If you’re taking any trips this summer it’s important you are aware of the regulations involving vape products, both with your form of travel and the location you plan to visit. The rules change from city to city as well as among states, provinces or countries.

Flying with your Vape

In Canada and the U.S., you can bring your device and e-juice on a plane, but it must not be in your checked baggage; it is allowed in your carry-on only! Your juice follows the same rules as other liquids, which need to be stored in clear bottles of 100ml or less and sealed in a plastic bag. Your total combined liquids must be under a liter, so you might be able to bring only a limited number of flavors with you.

Other Tips for Flying

  • You can pack additional liquids in your checked baggage if you need more flaves.
  • Disconnect the battery from the device before boarding.
  • The pressure change in the air can cause your tank to leak, so either empty your tank before you leave or store it in a plastic bag.

Sunny Days

Traditionally, summer means warmer weather and lots of sun. These are two things that your e-juice and tanks are not fond of. Do not leave them sitting in a hot car or direct sunlight. E-juices start to break down at around 40C. This can change the viscosity and color and really does a number on the flavor. And the nicotine breaks down. These are permeant changes, so cooling them down again won’t reverse the damage. When facing a day in the sun, store your juices in a cooler to enjoy them as they are meant to be. Heat and sun are bad for the batteries as well.

Car adapter and charging kits

Many people enjoy a good vape on their camping trip or hiking adventure. Just remember that it is an electronic device, and the batteries will only last so long. To keep the batteries charged, we suggest bringing along a car adapter or a charging kit. If you have to, you can usually use your phone charger to keep you going.

Swimming and vaping

Yes, you can vape and swim, but not with any old e-cigarette. There are special devices that are waterproof and shockproof, letting you vape while sitting in a floaty on the water without any worries. Go online and check out the many reviews to find the best waterproof option for your needs.

Places you can’t vape this summer

E-cigarettes and smoking are generally regulated under the same rules. So if you can’t smoke somewhere, that usually means no vaping either. You can’t vape on planes, inside restaurants or near playgrounds. Most hotels and car rental agencies also forbid vaping. But the rules are different in every municipality, so do your research. In some places you can vape on patios or in restaurants and bars, in others you can’t vape in parks or at the beach.

The age limits are also different based on where you go. Usually the minimum age for buying vaping products ranges from 18 to 21. And as of this summer, you can’t buy or vape anywhere in San Francisco. It’s the first city to ban vaping in the USA, but others are looking at the option, so check the news before you plan a trip just in case!

Enjoy a flavorful summer!