We love our candy flavors here at VanGo Vapes! They're always a #VAPEFAM favorite, and we've been listening closely to all those messages, feedback, and shout-outs we get from you, our awesome #VANGOVAPERS

So we are thrilled to announce the new Candy Lane Flavors!

Candy Lane is the best of those old-school childhood favorites that we all loved as kids: kaleidoscopic cotton candy, vibrant sweet and sour chewies, banana candy, and fruit swirls!

We went back to the awesome CandyVille line, trimmed it down to your absolute favorites, and reformulated them from scratch to be the best they can be for 2018!

Every one of these is a unique flavor! We got feedback from tester aftger tester telling us each one was on point, and that they loved the signature VanGo Smoothness that you've all come to expect.

The New Candy Lane Lineup:

Sour Belts is one of our most popular flavors! You either love 'em or hate 'em, but if you're a lover, you know who you are! If you liked your candy sweet and tangy, this is gonna knock your socks off!

Mango has taken the world by storm in the last few years, and for good reason! It's sweet and brightly colored, and tastes fantastic! If you're a Mango lover, these Mango Swirls are just the sweet juicy mango gummy rings you have been craving!

Are you bananas for banana candy? Bursting with a sweet banana flavor, our Banana Candy is exactly like the soft and squishy candies in the store!

As a kid at the State Fair, there was nothing more dangerous than getting in between me and the Cotton Candy! Delicate spun sugar with Blueberry and Strawberry candy is the flavor here. It'll take you right back to childhood!