With tons of vape juice products on the market there’s bound to be some products with ingredients that you do NOT want to be inhaling. Some ingredients you should avoid are; diketones, diacetyl, and especially benzoic acid. Thankfully VanGo Vapes avoids using all of these harmful ingredients in their flavours!

What is Benzoic acid? Benzoic acid is what’s known as a volatile organic compound (VOC) and has some serious side effects. This VOC is not intended to be inhaled, yet it is the primary ingredient for making nicotine salts easier to inhale. Some of the dangers of this chemical include: Eye damage, skin irritation, irritation to the nose, throat and lungs, coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. In addition, Benzene, a derivative of Benzoic acid, is known to cause; headaches, dizziness and cancer.

VanGo Vapes uses only the highest quality of ingredients when it comes to nicotine. The NicSalts that we use are diluted with a proprietary acid blend that our nicotine partners in the United States have developed. This nicotine blend has shown to be extremely smooth and yet hit perfectly, while also maintaining the expected effects of the nicotine. You will find that our Freebase e-liquids are quite smooth as well but that is from a combination of how smooth we develop our flavours to be and the quality of the nicotine itself.

When we make our BoldSalts at VanGo, we combine the NicSalts with the Freebase nicotine to make an approximate 1:1 ratio between the two. We formulate the perfect hit based on the flavours involved as well as the type and concentration style of the nicotine. 

Because of how specific the research and testing gets for this nicotine type, we reserved it for only our top flavours for the time being. If you want to see more flavours in BoldSalts in the future, give us a shout and we'll definitely put it into consideration!