VanGo After Dark 2018 Highlights & Recap

If you’re not familiar with it yet, VanGo After Dark is our weekly show where we talk about just about everything. We created the show so that we would have a place to share our thoughts and ideas, and so that you could get to know some of the unique personalities that make VanGo what it is. We’re all about open discussion. We like to think, and we love to be challenged. We like to stay current, and we love learning new things. We’re not shy about our opinions, and we have some pretty strong ones! VanGo After Dark gives us a platform to share them, and to take a stand for the things that matter to us most.

Check out some After Dark highlights from 2018!

Special Guests

From the summer up until the fall, we welcomed a ton of special guests on our show. We’re all about bringing people in the community together, and this is one way we got to connect with local artists, influencers and thought-leaders. Who was your favorite special guest? Let us know here for a chance to join us on an episode!

Flavor Highlights

We do a flavor of the week, you guessed it, weekly! The flavors we choose are always among our favorites because we want you guys to love them as much as we do. We usually call out our FOTW on After Dark and give a quick rundown of what makes that flavor so good. Just our way of saying, “Hey, have you tried this? You should!”


Whenever there’s a big event going on, we’ll do a recap of it on After Dark. If we’re still there when After Dark rolls around, we’ll film on the road. After all, the show must go on. We filmed one of our favorite episodes from 2018 in the UK! Chris and Saadiq shared some of their British adventures with us, and there were some pretty hysterical moments. If you missed it, catch the full video here!

Social Activism and the CVA

We mentioned we’re not shy about our opinions, and this is especially true when it comes to the CVA. This past November, the CVA betrayed the vape industry by welcoming Big Tobacco with open arms. At VanGo, our goal has always been and always will be to help people quit smoking. We care about people more than we care about profit. Basically, we are the antithesis to Big Tobacco. So, you can image our outrage when the CVA did what it did. We took a stand against their actions on our show, and we will continue to do so this year by boycotting vape industry events sponsored by or associated with Big Tobacco. Listen to what we have to say on the topic here, and we hope you will join us in taking a stand against the CVA and Big Tobacco.

2019 and the Future

In 2019, our main goal with After Dark is to educate our supporters on the values that have gotten us to where we are today. We’re not just in it for the money. It’s about a lot more than that for us. We care. We’re passionate about what we do. We want to keep doing it right! We also want to share stories and advice based on our own experience to help you successfully navigate this modern world of ours. We’ll give you the entrepreneurial angle, but we’ll also share our views as just regular people.

Sound good? We hope you can tune in to an episode of VanGo After Dark this year! Follow our YouTube Channel and catch it every Thursday at 4:30pm — see you there.