July 30, 2018

Top 10 Vape Flavors of 2018

By Steven Bustrin, H2 Digital

It is just over halfway through the year and we can clearly say we have a definitive top 10 list of the best juices of 2018. When I think of top 10 anythings they are super biased and of course this is no different. All content being posted has a direct link attached so to check out more information simply click the photo! These are the top 10 VanGo Vape flavors of the year:


1. Ophelia


2. Cactus Jango


3. Frozen Ophelia

4. CheeseBake

5. Frozen Waterberry

6. Frozen Grape

7. Belgium Waffles With Syrup

8. Frozen Menthol Ice Shot

9. Frozen Strawana

10. Ichigo