The VanGo and VAEP Collab

We are collaborating with VAEP (Vaping Advocacy and Education Program) to bring you four e-juices (Justice, Autonomy, Beneficence, and Nonmaleficence), the proceeds of which will be supporting VAEP in its project to help educate people about vaping.  

Who is behind VAEP? 

VAEP is run by Kellie Ann, a registered nurse, who believes in the importance behind educated decisions, the factual truth on vaping, and helping spread awareness to the public. Their information is from complex scientific studies that they explain in ways that are easier to understand. Kellie has done an excellent job along with the rest of the VAEP team, and VanGo wants to support them as best they can.  

How We Help VAEP 

By sponsoring VAEP, the proceeds from the products sold will go towards VAEP’s project. We all are passionate about the Vaping industry and want you all to know that you can find true, fact-based information with the click of a mouse instead of falling prey to the media’s skewed perspectives. One example is how the public believes vaping is harmful to your health, but we (along with the royal college of physicians) believe that vaping represents AT MOST 5% of the health risks posed by cigarettes.  

We have worked closely with VAEP over the years, and we truly believe in the power of information. The plan is to take that information to the next level, which is why we have launched initiatives like and truly believe in the term we have coined, flaving 

How You Can Help VAEP 

If you decide to help support our cause and buy any of the VAEP themed juices, rest assured that almost all the money made from the sales will be donated. We need to keep 5$ per bottle in order to cover some of the cost of production, etc. Otherwise, every spare penny is going to VAEP.  

By sponsoring VAEP, we can help Kellie with the platform, increase marketing, and show a little love and appreciation for all her hard work. If you don’t want to buy one of the e-juices, you can still help us support VAEP by visiting their website,, sharing the TRUTH, or even take their vape education course. There is a lot of valuable information that you can arm yourself with against the construed stigma of vaping.  

You can check out the VAEP e-juices here.