It’s no secret that VanGo Vapes loves innovating and improving flavours. What started out as a risky flavour, turned into one of the best selling flavours in VanGo’s lineup, Cactus Jango. CEO Saadiq Daya says “that it all started with trying to put a twist on a classic mango flavour”. 

Cactus Jango has become a phenomenon amongst the vaping community, receiving amazing feedback from VanGo supporters such as, “I LOVE THIS JUICE! Such a great taste” “ Cactus I love you, Jango!”, “Always amazing, always come back to this juice”. The legendary flavour has become a flavour like no other and will continue to be vaped by many. 

Cactus Jango is one of VanGo Vapes’ crown jewels. Released in 2017, it came out of a challenge to stand up and be a fruit flavoured vape like no other. One thing VanGo loves when creating a new flavour is a challenge. Mango and Lychee are often found in candy, soda, and juices around the world, and offers a unique and wonderful taste. VanGo wanted to recreate these mouth watering flavours in an e-liquid with their own twist. And that’s where the Jackfruit and Cactus came into play. Containing unique fruits like Jackfruit, Lychee and Cactus with popping flavours like Strawberry and Mango, it is a full-mouthed flavour like no other. At first, people were skeptical about the combination of Cactus and Jackfruit but once they gave it a try, they fell in love with ‘the jang’. If you like your Jango a little cold, check out Jango Chill! A new twist on a classic flavour, mellowed out with a touch of coolness.

Jango Chill is a lighter, cooler twist of our top selling flavour Cactus Jango. If you find the Jango too intense or you want some ice with that, Jango Chill is the perfect flavour! A slightly cooled blend of Mango, Jackfruit, Strawberries and hints of Cactus and Lychee, it’s the perfect all day vape.

Cactus Jango is a refreshing explosion of fruit, and it goes great with lunch! Of course, it’s great for any time of the day, but there’s something about the sun shining and that midday that just calls for Cactus Jango! Head on over to or checkout the Legendary Series flavours below to start flaving!