The History Behind Cool and Frozen Tropix

Since being established in 2014, VanGo Vapes has prided itself on bringing nothing but the best in term of flavors. Each one is team tested and tweaked until the flavor matches the goal perfectly. Cool Tropix was one of the original 10 flavors created by VanGo. It is a fruity blend of pineapple, peach, and hints of mint.

CEO Saadiq Daya says that his inspiration for this creation was his allergies. “ I have always loved pineapple, it is one of my favorite fruits. Early into my adult years I became allergic to it as well as many other tropical fruits. This juice allows me to get the same flavors without actually eating the it!”

One of VanGo’s goals has always been to emphasize Flaving. The goal is not just to make e-juice but rather to create an experience. Cool Tropix hit the nail on the head for being the first menthol juice released by the team, but there quickly became interest for a juice that was colder. This is where Frozen Tropix grew from.

Frozen Tropix is a tweaked spin off of the original Cool Tropix and it was released nearly two years later in 2016.

The difference between the two is that the Frozen Tropix has an added hint of vanilla and it is both cooler and sweeter to vape! This juice quickly became Saadiq’s all day vape, and has continued to be his all day to this day. An interesting fact about Frozen Tropix is that it is the only flavor to ever have been sold in 140ml with its own unique labels and packaging. It is certainly a one off and one that the entire VanGo team is extremely proud of.