The Flavor-Making Journey: Shiver Citrus Jive

There’s nothing like an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day...

This was the inspiration for the newest addition to our Shiver Collection: Citrus Jive. We needed a citrus for our collection, but we didn’t want to make any old citrus flavor. We wanted to showcase a variety of fruits with a touch of our new proprietary cooling blend.

The result is mind-blowing. Every citrus lover looking for a juicy, fruity vape will love Citrus Jive, and the touch of cool makes it the ideal summer vape!

Making this flavor was more complicated than you might think. There are so many varieties of citrus... choosing the right fruits was tricky. We started off by trying a bunch of different citrus fruits, even different varieties of lemon! We also tested out all the citrus e-juices on the market to see what worked and what didn’t.

Finally, we had a clear idea of what the flavor should taste like, so we got to work tweaking and testing! The hardest part by far was making the flavor smooth, as citrus is notoriously hard to work with.

Choosing the right cooling blend was also a process. We wanted to add just a slight cold effect, so we created a few new cooling blends to test out. In the end, we narrowed it down to two blends, but we just couldn’t choose!

So, we enlisted the help of our fans at CVE Edmonton. We had passersby try both cooling blends and tell us which they liked best at the show. In other words, we asked you guys, “What’s your Jive?”

The real-time feedback was super helpful, but even then, it was a close race between the two cooling blends! At the end of the day, we settled on the winner, and that’s the flavor hitting stores now.

It took us about 10 months to perfect this citrusy explosion. And it really is the perfect tangy mix of sweet lemon, tangerine, orange, and other citrus fruits with a cool kick to top it all off.

This is truly a unique flavor experience and one you won’t want to miss. The sweet citrus on the inhale is followed by tangy lemon, lime on the exhale, and it’s amazing.

Our favorite part? Watching fans try it and seeing the shock on their face when they get to the exhale—now that’s priceless.

What's Your Jive?

If you were the lucky few who received the two variations of Citrus Jive, please take a minute (it's really that short!) to tell us which variation you loved more here! The survey opens until May 31, so weigh in your thoughts now!

If you're excited for Shiver Collection's first flavor release, Citrus Jive, like everybody else, then make sure to get notified here when Citrus Jive is released!


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