The Flavor-Making Journey: Shiver Black Pom Pom 

Flavor inspiration can come from anywhere. For the new Shiver Black Pom Pom, we looked to the flavors of our past.

Our inspiration was Vimto, a soda from the UK that was created in 1908 with the combination of grape, raspberry and blackcurrant. Although it’s not a very common here, we always try and have some Vimto stocked in our fridge. It’s a favorite.

Blackcurrant is a great flavor that’s not often used, and we wanted to see what we could do with it. It took us about seven months to create Black Pom Pom, so it was relatively quick. We started by trying to pair the blackcurrant with raspberry, but when we tried it with a touch of blackberry that it really popped! So, we switched to the blackberry and blackcurrant combination right away. But we knew it could be more, so we added a hint of pomegranate—and it was perfect!

It’s quite an international flavor. Blackberries are abundant in North America, whereas blackcurrant is commonly used in Europe. The exotic pomegranate was first grown from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and is associated with Middle Eastern cuisine.

It sounds simple, but it takes months of trying different flavors in different amounts to get it right. The challenge with Black Pom Pom was to soften the intensity of some of the flavors and pull out the sweetness. The result is the bite and sweetness of pomegranate, with a touch of blackcurrant on a base of tangy blackberry that’s chilled with our proprietary cooling blend.

Picture yourself with friends on a nice sunny summer day enjoying this tantalizing mix of flavors as you hangout on a patio watching the sun set. Black Pom Pom is a great flavor to enjoy while you create summer memories.