The Best Father's Day Gifts

June 16th is Father’s Day. I kid you not, don’t forget it this time. Your dad may not seem bothered when you forget the one single day that is supposed to thank him for all of his hard work, care, time, and literally everything else he does for you… but trust me when I say it doesn’t hurt to give him a little extra love on this one particular day.  

Okay, so we have the date saved, now what? What could you possibly give the father that “doesn’t need anything because he already has everything he wants?” If he smokes, why not give him a vape? A not-so-delicate hint that he should probably quit the cigs and give you two something to bond over while he’s at it?  

Thinking back to your time as a kid, you can probably recall the unforgettable, lingering scent of cigarettes that always clung to your dad’s beard, collar, and favourite lounge chair. Or – back when it was okay to smoke with your kids in the car – the windows always being left slightly open so the smell could escape, and the meager air freshener that would try to conceal the rest.  

If the-dad-of-the-hour already vapes, consider getting him a new e-juice, or a fancy mod. We have some insanely cool tanks right now, like the Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank. Resin Edition.  

Flavor-wise, we’ve even got some suggestions picked for dads, by dads.  

Menthol Tobacco – for a little extra something beyond the tobacco taste. The nostalgic grip of well-rounded tobacco with the added menthol to make it all feel like a cool, minty breeze on your tongue.  

Double Double – because Coffee, but why stop there? Your standard double double with dark, creamy sugar and impressively rich notes of espresso.  

The Root – a timeless flavor that will remind him of his days at the Drive-In. It is an immaculate balance of earthy and sweet that we spent a lot of time perfecting. Root Beer drinkers will approve of this one.