Tanks Vs Drippers

The Difference Between Tanks And Drippers.

E-cigarettes are considered to be “nicotine delivery devices,” which is what they were intended for – to help you to stop smoking. However, there are actually two ways of delivering the tasty flavoring; you could use a tank, or you could use a dripper. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, so we are going to show you the differences between the two. We're going to talk to you about tanks vs drippers.


Tanks are typically what you think of when you imagine e-cigarettes – only a little bit of juice touches the cotton, which is then connected to a coil. These coils typically are sold by the manufacturer or you can make your own. Making your own coils typically requires some skill and the cotton can be threaded through the coil and wicked in a variety of different ways.

Tanks will hold various amount of e-liquids, which means that you only have to refill it every now and again. The downside with tanks is that they are easy to fall into a trap, since you can easily just shell out $15 for 5-pack of coils instead of learning to build and maintain them yourself – that same $15 could get you the materials (wire and cotton) to make your own coils for a ridiculous amount of time.


Next up in the Tanks vs Drippers game is, Drippers. Drippers are more for flavoring, and are when you intend to sit and vape for a long time. Drippers, also known as rebuildable dripper atomizers (RDAs), work by heating the cotton directly which then causes the vapor to generate. Drippers are definitely the far more complex option than tanks, although they deliver far more flavor.

Dripping generates vapor at a far higher rate than tanks; these are typically for your “cloud-chasers” and people who want a lot of vapor. Dripping also generates far more flavor, but uses far more juice in a shorter amount of time. For new drippers, be careful not to inhale too hard and always start at a low wattage – the vapor generated is so thick that it can easily clog your throat for a few seconds until you hack out a lung trying to breathe.

Which One is Best for you?

As I said earlier, there are some major drawbacks and benefits to each one – essentially, tanks generate vapor at a lower rate, giving you less flavor but using far less juice, while drippers are more for flavorful experiences. Dripping also uses more battery power as well, and typically requires a more specific type of electronic cigarette mod than your average user might have. However, if you consider yourself an advanced vaper, learning to build and wick a coil is not a terribly hard challenge.

Tanks are more portable and easier to use, and also have far lower maintenance when compared to their dripping counterparts. Dripping can also be a potential risk if you are not careful – you can burn yourself pretty easily with a dripper. Dripping requires more attention and is a more wholesome experience than otherwise using a tank, while a tank is perfect for if you are just trying to get a puff on the go. You can also more easily change out your flavors with a dripper – if the cotton is starting to turn white, then it is time to re-juice up your cotton and get some amazing flavor.

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