Our First e-Juice Flavors - Ever!

We are throwing it way back to 2014 when VanGo created their first 5 flavors! As an up-and-coming Vancouver e-juice company, the team knew that they wanted their product to be unique. The inspiration behind both the names and the flavor profiles for each juice was the desire to bring new and interesting juice to the vape market in Canada. The goal was to have a variety of different flavors in the line-up that would appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Fruits, menthols, tobaccos, creams, and desserts were the categories that started it all. So, for all you loyal VanGo fam members who have been with us since the start, let us see if you can remember these classics.

  1. Albino – White grapes with undertones of blueberry and vanilla.
  2. Red Albino – A sweet raspberry and strawberry combined with white grapes.
  3. Soft Fuzz – A luscious blend of watermelon, peach and pineapple.
  4. Jelly Monkey – Ripe bananas blended together with raspberries and custard.
  5. Cool Tropix – Tropical pineapple with tones of mint.

In fact, Soft Fuzz and Cool Tropix are still being sold to this day! Check them out at the links below:

Soft Fuzz - Cool Tropix

The feedback from these 5 was outstanding. Therefore, the team continued to release flavors continuously over the next 6 years. Not all the classics survived. Some have been dropped, rebranded, or tweaked… but nonetheless, they were the foundation of what now is a company with over 80 flavors!

The vaping industry has evolved rapidly over the years and it has been important to create a product that is meeting the demands of the consumer. CEO Saadiq Daya notes that it has been an interesting ride watching the way that the industry has changed and sometimes even coming back full circle. When VanGo first started creating flavors, they were designed for small units that could not handle much sweetener. As time went on, the devices got bigger and the importance of Flaving vs simply vaping started to grow. This is when the addition of sweetener in e-liquid became popular and VanGo created its flavors based on what the customers were wanting.

Now, NicSalts are popular and people are going back to their smaller devices. The point is, as an e-juice company with a goal of serving and satisfying every vaper, it is important to keep up with the times. Every flavor is like a work of art trapped in a bottle. What goes inside that bottle is based on customers wants and needs and is constantly evolving.