Mother’s Day Inspired Flavor

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, so if you haven’t already, get out there and buy your mom a present!

Not sure what to get her? If she’s trying to quit smoking, why not offer her some delicious VanGo flavors and a device? After all, what better gift than a healthier lifestyle...

Not to mention, she’ll be able to enjoy decadent dessert flavors guilt-free!

To help you shop, we put together a list of Mother’s Day inspired flavors that are sure to please:

Coffee Delight

Tiramisu is one of those timeless desserts that all women love. This flavor does the classic dessert justice with rich, creamy tones infused with espresso and a delicate ladyfinger finish.


Delicious Dough & Cream

Does your mom love to bake? I bet you she does it for the cookie dough! This flavor tastes just like smooth, creamy dough and rich, sweet cream. No work required!


French Vanilla

Moms need their coffee too, and this flavor is just the thing. Soft vanilla beans add a touch of sweetness to this rich coffee flavor and a hint of dark sugar tops it all off.



Strawlen is the perfect flavor for moms who are all about fruit! This flavor combines sweet, juicy strawberry flavor with fresh watermelon, tart kiwi, and a hint of berries.


Luscious Apple

Apple was a staple in our household for a variety of foods growing up. If your mom loves apples too, she’ll love this apple fritter inspired flavor!


Wishing all the Mothers out there a very happy Mother’s Day!

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