Let’s Talk Vape

If you believe in all the stuff that people have “heard” about vaping, then you’re not getting your facts right. False news travels fast, and research is a slow yet certain way to combat it. Let’s Talk Vape is going to explain the other side to vaping that isn’t just about “what’s trending.” Vaping is about breaking bad habits and giving your lungs a much-needed break from cigarettes. It’s about the flavors, mixes, blends, and flavorists who live and breathe vaping (pun intended). It’s about the coils, mods, and new tech for your vaporizers that go beyond a “quick fix” and take it right to customizability.   

VanGo is launching a campaign, Let's Talk Vape, in order to help spread awareness and fact-based knowledge on vaping to the public. The campaign is kicking off in Downtown Vancouver behind the art gallery on Robson and Hornby this June 14, 2019. This will be the first event with VanGo planning on having future ones in different cities across Canada. 

The Let’s Talk Vape campaign is working to take the facts to the people themselves. Everyone should know the “Juul epidemic” is an exaggeration, and “popcorn lungs” should in fact be lower on your worries-list than finding that one missing sock from under the dryer. Research shows the facts, and VanGo wants to share it all with you. If you look at the numbers, you’ll see that vaping doesn’t lead youth to smoking habits, and the youth who “vape” don’t do it on a regular or daily basis. Regarding popcorn lungs (not as tasty as it sounds), it’s not a risk associated with vaporizers, because the ingredient that can be found in vapes, diacetyl, is 750x less than the amount in cigarettes – which have never been considered to cause popcorn lungs. These myths and more are all going to be debunked at Let’s Talk Vape.   

VanGo will be there as vape myth-busters. They want to hear your personal opinions, talk vapes, flavors, and stick it to Big Tobacco while they’re at it. You can expect conversations with vape experts, real information, flyers, and listening ears for your own thoughts regarding the industry. If you have any questions at all, want a real opinion on the potential flavor bans, or even just want to compare vape mods, then join VanGo behind the art gallery on Robson and Hornby in Downtown, Vancouver on June 14th and Let’s Talk Vape.   

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