How Many Vapers Are There Around the World?

Since the modern e-cigarette was introduced in early 2000, the number of vapers has been steadily on the rise. It’s no surprise as the concept of vaping has been a popular phenomenon, in one form or another, around the world for millennia. In Ancient Egypt, hot stones were used to vape herbs. In India, shisha has been a prevalent practice for thousands of years. There’s something undefinably calming and pleasurable about vaping, and with the advent of modern e-cigarettes, everyone can enjoy the experience.  

The Rise of Vaping Globally

The latest statistics from the World Health Organization tell us that old school smoking is in decline. The estimated number of smokers globally in 2000 was 1.14 billion, and today that number is around 1.1 billion. The number of vapers, on the other hand, has seen a dramatic increase.  

In 2011, there were an estimated 7 million vape users. In 2016, that number was estimated to be close to 35 million. That’s a five-fold increase in only five years! By the year 2021, market research group Euromonitor estimates that the number of vapers will reach 55 million.  

The Rise of Vaping in North America

The States is the world’s leading vape market with over 9 million users. Spending on vaping products is estimated at an impressive $3.7 billion dollars per year. Not bad for an industry that is still relatively young! Canada’s market is considerably smaller and comes in around 1 million vapers. Still an impressive number given the population.

The Vaping Community

According to a report published by Ernst & Young, most e-cigarette users purchase their devices in store. There’s something special about the vape community that encourages in-person interaction. Vapers love to talk about and try different flavors, and storefronts are a great way to get that experience. These days, there are so many products to choose from and flavors to try that having a guide, at least on your first few purchases, is definitely handy. Plus, your average vape shop owner is a pretty cool guy or gal... Though we may be just a little bit bias!  

Our predictions for the future of vaping? All good things. Vaping will overtake smoking entirely one day, as a more sustainable and a much healthier alternative. The vape community will continue to grow and one day, there literally will be, every vape flavor under the moon! At least, if we have anything to say about it.

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