West Coast Vape Expo Review

West Coast Vape Expo Bremerton Review

There’s nothing like a hot sunny day with an ocean breeze slowly blowing in your face. Imagine grabbing a nice plate of fish n’ chips on the coast with 85 degree weather and the cool water to witness. Now imagine all of this with an amazing vape convention together… On July 7th and 8th West Coast Vape Expo put together one of the most exciting expos of the year together in Bremerton, Washington to celebrate and advocate the vape culture.

    Hosted by main sponsor VanGo vapes there were about 1,500 people that showed up near one of the biggest Naval bases on the west coast to enjoy 40 plus brands on their display of vape products at the Kitsap Conference Center. The expo consisted of a B2B (Business-to-Business) session followed by a consumer showing at the center. Vendors from across the North America came together to put on a show and let me tell you, it was nothing short of amazing.

    I drove up from Portland, Oregon, about a 3 hour drive north to the northwest part of Washington, about a 30 minute ferry ride from the waters of Bremerton to Seattle, a 15 minute drive from Port Orchard to the beautiful waterfront by Kitsap Conference Center. The event started on Saturday and ended on Sunday, which was fairly normal, and on Friday companies from everywhere were setting up their booths and visuals for entertainment towards the consumer. Local vape shops came through as well and talked business along with a cross-pollination of other products between each other.

    This wasn’t my first expo that I’ve ever been to, but I can definitely say that the spacing of the center was so appropriate for the event. As I was walking around checking in with the booths to make sure people were taken care of I heard plenty of fruitful conversation about the positive benefits of vape and the company's pitch to the buyer why they were appropriate to take home their product.

Just like any other event there were competitions of the best tasting Nic Salt product, best dessert, best tobacco, and other categories that allowed the companies to compete in a blind flavor testing competition. And for the consumers, Saturday night hosted what was to be a $1,000 vape trick competition and when I watched the air-bending that was taking place, all of the competitors were super talented. I don’t remember who won but it seemed like there were about 35 different competitors in the competition for healthy competition and the winner was well deserving.

I don’t really want to give you an updated summary on what happened to the event but let me give you the highlights: Both Saturday and Sunday were a success for the consumers and the businesses in the fact that people had an opportunity to see new product and businesses had the chance to pitch their product to local stores. Kitsap Conference Center was so perfect for the occasion, having been right on the waterfront next to the Naval base making it accessible for locals to enjoy the show. Everyone that I talked to were really enthused on the compact layout that the event presented making the expo have non-stop action. If you haven’t had the opportunity to show up for an event or an expo, West Coast Vape Expo would be a great warm-up event to go to. You can check out their information at WestCoastVapeExpo.com for more details on up-and-coming events.

VanGo, being the presenting sponsor, had an amazing booth set up right inside of the front entrance of the center. When you walked in there were living room couches right in front with Cactus Jango and Frozen Ophelia banners in the background solidifying that this was VanGo’s booth. On the small coffee tables presented brochures describing the flavors that VanGo offered and overall the presentation gave off this welcoming vibe. I thought that it was very appropriate to set the tone of the whole event as it really did give this warming presence. To the right of the entrance VanGo had some swag and apparel on display and to the left you saw some of the juice they were featuring. Inside of the venue VanGO had a table with two of their representatives building coils and builds for RTA’s and RDA’s allowing samples of their product.

Outside of the event, the Kistap Center was near some super tasty food, including the harbor in which VanGo themselves rented a boat to live in for the weekend. They hosted a small bbq on the boat and I was fortunate enough to get a little tour of where they were staying. To make a long story short, this boat was like a 3-story house on water. So many rooms and such a beautiful view of the water, all right next to the beautiful venue for the weekend.

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