Flaving Stix: What You Need to Know!

What is a Disposable Vape?

There is no denying that the vaping industry has been moving towards the trend of disposable vapes. So, what is this new and popular device?

A disposable vape is an e-cigarette that comes ready to vape and then is thrown away once the battery dies or the juice runs outs. The device comes in one piece consisting of a battery, atomizer, and a prefilled flavor cartridge. The battery activates once the user inhales from the mouthpiece, making this device one of the most simple and easy to use electronic cigarettes on the market today.

Concerns Regarding the Use of Disposables Vapes

The environment! Recent surveys showed that the number one reason consumers disapproved of disposable vapes is due to the amount of waste that they produce. Everything we buy comes in packaging. Our food, our electronics, toys, health products… the list goes on! Now on top of the packaging disposable vapes produce, they are also tossed way once they have run their course. This was an extremely important factor for us when developing our own disposable vape, and we have done the best we can to solve that with our Flaving Stix!

VanGo Flaving Stix – Why they are different!

VanGo Vapes is currently working on an all-in-one system that will bring to you all our top selling flavors in a simple disposable device. They are a 500 puff, 2.0 ml, British Columbia compliant disposable. The three Legendary flavors that will be included in the launch of this new system are Frozen Ophelia, The Root, and the legendary Cactus Jango! The nicotine used is a proprietary combination of different nicotine bases and we’ve decided to call it BoldSalts – because they make the hit in our Flaving Stix just so perfect! Here’s the kicker - alongside the launch of the Flaving Stix, VanGo Vapes will also be creating a recycling program that will allow consumers to recycle their used disposable vapes! This type of program is unique in our industry and is much needed when we consider how much waste consumer goods bring in general. As leaders of the vape industry here in Canada, we’re proud to be here to lead a change in how we deal with waste as a socially responsible organization!

What to Remember

It is important to remember that there is not much we do today that does not add to our carbon footprint. Our goal is to reduce it anyway that we can. Disposable vapes and their packaging will produce waste, but they will also help an entire population that is missing out on the benefits of vaping and Flaving. These devices bring a new age of nicotine delivery to the average consumer and for the first time, smoking is not more accessible than vaping. Tobacco smoke leads directly to the emission of 2,600,000 tons of carbon dioxide and about 5,200,000 tons of methane and that is simply not okay. With the launch of the VanGo Flaving Stix and the accompanied recycling program, our goal is to reduce number of smokers in the world while doing everything possible to reduce impacts on the environment!