Featured and Upcoming Flavors


VanGo’s Featured and Upcoming Flavors

Steven Bustrin, H2 Digital. May 29th. 2018.


What’s going on guys, have you heard of our featured flavors this month? We have a whole line-up of pure, true flavors that you will absolutely love. So many companies out there are trying to mix really random fruits with no purpose and we wanted to bring things back to the basics. House of fruits was inspired by keeping things pure. Each flavor was set out to be simple fruit blends.


Our House of Fruits blends consist of Pear, Pineapple, Kiwi, Blueberry, Watermelon, Mango, and Tropical Paradise. Each flavor is pure, simple and to the point. We don’t need to hype you up on what’s already there, if you love fruits and you love a quality flavored vape then House of Fruits are some of the best flavors you will experience on consistency and purity of flavor.


One thing you will really love about these flavors is HOW simple they are. Nothing fancy, no crazy names, just pure flavors and honest flavors. Some companies out there try to hype you on the name of the flavor with something irrelevant or fancy and mislead you into believing something that it’s not. Have you ever had two different labels of flavors taste exactly like the same thing? Well chances are they probably consist of the exact same flavor pallet. Not with VanGo, not with our House of Fruits. Make sure to visit our website and search in “House of Fruits” and check out all of our flavors we have to offer. Also, feel free to email us if you have any questions.


If you’ve been to some of our recent events you may have been lucky enough to try our upcoming flavors such as Jango Chill, Frozen Blue Grazberry, Root Beer, and Undika. We are very excited to inform you that these flavors will rock your socks off!




Jango Chill, derived from Cactus Jango, is a menthol version of the original tropical melody of jackfruit and mango with hints of lychee, strawberry and cactus fruit. One of the things that makes Jango Chill so unique is the combination of flavors. Very diverse from the House of Fruits series, Jango Chill will put you through a flavor whirlwind. It seems as if every hit you take is a unique experience but one thing we will guarantee is the consistency of the flavor. It hits sweet, ends cool, and will leave you wanting more.



Frozen Blue Grazberry is also a menthol twist of our special blueberry, raspberry, and white grape mix of the original Blue Grazberry. A lot of customers love this berry mix and thought it would be unique to add some menthol hints to it. The best part about adding menthol to the mix is you can have an amazing aftertaste of menthol, leaving that “minty” fresh breath with you wherever you go. Another highlight of this flavor is the fact that with any fruit menthol mix the taste buds tend to adapt a little slower so this flavor will last you a long time before you need to switch to something else.



Our next flavor we wanted to preview on, which we will cover briefly, is our original Root Beer flavor. It’s one thing to have a soda flavored vape but it’s another thing to have your childhood drink being brought back and played out through a vape. If you love that ginger root spice with a sweet aftertaste, Root Beer is a flavor that can easily take over the industry. We listened to your request of another delicious soda flavor so here it is. You’re welcome!



The last flavor we wanted to present to you is our unique flavor, Undika. It is a juicy mix of guava, passion fruit topped of with African horned cucumber. Undika is not just another fruity cucumber taste, it has a unique flavor blast of almost like a POG (passion fruit, orange, guava) taste to it with a cucumber aftertaste. It’s really smooth and if you aren’t careful you might just catch yourself running out of this juice quickly.