#FaveFlave: Strawlen

As promised, we’re showcasing one of our #FaveFlave’s once a month! This month’s pick is Strawlen, a fruity explosion of flavor, perfect for summer.

Strawlen isn’t just one person’s favorite flavor here at VanGo... it’s on the whole team’s list as one of our tastiest flaves. So, we thought we’d share a few thoughts on what makes Strawlen so delicious, and how we made it in the first place!

A Brief History of Strawlen

The inspiration for Strawlen was fruit punch! Fruit punch is one of Saadiq’s all-time favorite drinks, so he just had to create a flavor to capture it.

When we made this flavor last year, summer was right around the corner, so it was good timing too. After all, what says summer like a juicy, fruity punch full of watermelon and strawberry!

Our biggest challenge during the flavor-making process, was getting the strawberry aspect of the flavor just right. Strawberry tends to be difficult to create, and a lot of strawberry flavors end up tasting unnatural. So, getting the strawberry in Strawlen just right was a big challenge, but when we finally succeeded, it felt amazing!

The other aspect that was tricky was achieving the right balance of sweet. We didn’t want it to overpower the fruit flavor, but we still wanted to capture that fruit punch taste. In the end, we found the perfect balance.

Strawlen is almost like a no menthol version of Frozen Waterberry, but with much stronger strawberry notes. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time!

Key Ingredients:

  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Blackberry
  • Kiwi

Star Ingredient:

  • Strawberry

What Makes Strawlen so Special?

We worked so hard to create the most perfect strawberry out there! After a ton of testing, we got the strawberry flavor just right, and it’s actually the same strawberry that we use in House of Vango. This strawberry is a pivotal part of what makes Strawlen so good.

What’s the Best Hardware to Use With This Flavor?

  • Falcon Tank

Best Time of Day to Flave:

Strawlen is a refreshing explosion of fruit, and it goes great with lunch! Of course, it’s great for any time of day, but there’s something about the sun shining and that midday break that just calls for Strawlen.

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