#FaveFlave: Frozen Tropix

On this mini blog series, we explore some of our employees' favorite flavors, highlighting one per month. Back for another #FaveFlave is the one and only Saadiq Daya, the CEO of VanGo.  

This particular flave has been his favorite for a few years now, which definitely screams blog-worthy.  

So, here is Frozen Tropix. The flavor that will surely become a staple in your vaping life, vape cabinet, or maybe even inspire you to join us Flavorists here at VanGo. The main flavors of Frozen Tropix are pineapple, peach, and mint. It’s remarkably smooth, which makes it the ultimate ADV (all day vape).  Imagine the wonderfully sweet yet tarte notes of pineapple morphing into smooth nectar-y peach – and all surrounded by the cool essence of mint – in one flave.  

The History of Frozen Tropix 

The flavor originally started out in our first lineup as Cool Tropix, but after a while, Saadiq felt the flave wasn’t enough. It turned into something of a personal project after that, but after completion we decided to sell it because it was that good. Saadiq worked on nailing the flavor for a whole year. He wanted to make sure it had enough of each note from the pineapple to the cooling sensation. He even took painstaking effort in making sure it had the right amount of sweetness without using sweetener. One of the biggest challenges was getting it to be as smooth as it is.  

I wanted something that I could truly not feel any throat hit at all, and after about 1 year of R&D and countless changes, I finally nailed the flavor.” - Saadiq Daya 

When the juice was first released, we put it in special packaging and sold it in a case of 140ml with two special carrying bottles. Needless to say, Frozen Tropix is a child of ours that we are incredibly proud of.  

Key Ingredients: 

  • Pineapple 
  • Mint 
  • Peach  

Star Ingredient: 

  •  Pineapple/Peach 

What makes Frozen Tropix so special? 

It’s ultra-smooth, which makes it a perfect ADV.  

What’s the best hardware to use with this flavor? 

Saadiq recommends the Cleito 120 0.16 ohm coil. 

Best Time of Day to Flave: 

All day. This flavor is great for how easy it is on your throat. You don’t have to worry about getting tired of the amazing flavor, either.  

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