#FaveFlave: Frozen Ophelia

In this new series, we’re going to be showcasing some of our all-time favorite flavors! Every month, one of our family member’s here at VanGo will choose their #FaveFlave to feature.  

This week, our videographer and master of all things media, Renan Aquino, is sharing his pick for #FaveFlave... Frozen Ophelia! Renan loves the unique notes of Frozen Ophelia. Plus, the menthol hit is super refreshing.  

So, here’s a brief history of Frozen Ophelia, what’s in it, and why you should try flaving it!  

A Brief History of Frozen Ophelia  

Frozen Ophelia’s predecessor was, you guessed it, Ophelia! Ophelia is one of our oldest flavors, and through it, we learned how to really use cactus fruit to best effect. After that, cactus fruit became like our secret weapon. So many of our flavor profiles feature this delicious, exotic fruit, and it makes our juices truly unique.  

Frozen Ophelia was the logical next step after Ophelia. We knew the juicy mango and tangy kiwi of Ophelia would pop with just a little bit of chill. That said, we also knew that to create the perfect cooled version of Ophelia, we’d have to do more than just add mint. So, we revisited the entire flavor to make the menthol a perfect edition!

We added a multitude of cooling flavors with the mint. We also adjusted the ratios of the recipe so that the ingredients still stood out despite the addition of VanGo’s signature mint.  

Our chef, Saadiq, had a very specific vision when it came to Frozen Ophelia, and he didn’t stop until he got it just right. In the end, the flavor has a lot of similarities to Ophelia, but it’s like a distant cousin... a new masterpiece of tropical and exotic fruits!

It took way longer than expected to get the final variation, but it was definitely worth it. Frozen Ophelia has stood the test of time, and it’s been a VanGo staff go too ever since.  

Key Ingredients

  • Cactus  
  • Mango
  • Kiwi
  • Strawberry
  • Mint  
  • Menthol

Star Ingredient

  • Cactus

What Makes Frozen Ophelia Special?  

The unique cool cactus flavor profile makes this juice a great all day vape. Its complexity means that every time you try it, it will surprise you with new hints of fruit and mint.

What’s the Best Hardware to Use With This Flavor?

Best Time of Day to Flave:

Frozen Ophelia is a versatile all day vape. It’s refreshing, fruity tones are great for morning, afternoon, and evening. We recommend incorporating this flavor into your daily routine.  

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