Epic Road Trip: Vancouver

Home to VanGo Vapes, Vancouver is a beautiful, multicultural city full of international flavours and natural beauty. But the city isn’t the only place to see. Join us on a road trip and see what adventures are to be had.

Granville Island

Originally home to factories and sawmills, the 1970’s saw it repurposed as a cultural hub. With its large and busy farmers market, independent artisans, workshops and theaters it’s not actually an island at all, but a large sandbar resting underneath the Granville bridge. It’s a fun place to vape the new Black Pom Pom from the brand new Shivers collection (launching July 15th!). Take a few minutes to watch the boats or catch a street performance as you savour the ripe pomegranate, sweet blackcurrant and bite of blackberry all chilled to perfection!

Richmond Night Market

With over 100 food stalls and 200 vendors, the Richmond Night Market offers the asian night market experience to Vancouver. Running from May to October it’s open Friday night through Sunday from 7pm till midnight. After an evening of unusual flavours and sweet treats, it’s always important to dissemble your device before bed. This will help prevent leaks or spills that can sometimes happen.

The Grouse Grind

Vancouver’s North Shore mountains are the backdrop to the city and a beautiful place to enjoy nature. Its most famous trail is the Grouse Grind. It is a challenge, only 3km long but climbing more than 850m. Ending with a beautiful view of downtown Vancouver, the cool mountain air on a sunny day is captured in the flavour of the Shivers Collection’s Citrus Jive. Both sweet and tart, the taste of juicy lemons, fresh limes, tangy tangerines and sweet oranges is perfectly cooled and a flavour not to be missed.


About an hour down the Sea to Sky highway, Squamish calls itself the adventure capital of Canada. With rock climbing, kite boarding, mountain biking and hiking along with various winter activities, it’s a playground for outdoor lovers. If you’re planning to make a day of it, make sure your device’s batteries have enough charge so you can vape while you enjoy the view.


Since you’re already on the road you might as well keep heading down the highway to Whistler. Less than an hour from Squamish, Whistler is great in the summer but comes alive during the ski season. Considered the top resort in BC it’s worth a visit any time of year. But remember, don’t leave your device sitting in the car in direct sun as this will diminish the amount of nicotine.

Vancouver Island

For some people the best part of a visit to the island is the ferry ride. Standing on the deck of the ship you can sometimes see orcas and eagles as the mountains get smaller in the distance. It’s a great moment to have a vape. Give your e-liquid a good shake before you start. This helps the PG/VG and the nicotine mix well, giving you a quality experience.

The new Shivers collection has started with the chilled, fruity combinations of Black Pom Pom and Citrus Jive, and will be available for purchase July 15th. Enjoy these flavours throughout your Vancouver adventure! Check back soon to hear about other VanGo flaves and see where our epic road trip takes us next!