Epic Road Trip: The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon should be a stop of any epic road trip because it is indeed epic. Located in Arizona, this colorful and immense canyon is 446 km long, 29 km wide and 1.6 km deep. Famous for its multi-colored rock formations which are created by trace amounts of minerals and result in the red, yellow and green coloring of the canyon walls. It’s a lot like our Jango Chill flave with its colorful mix of mango, jackfruit, strawberries, cactus and lychee with hints of mint and vanilla.

Unfortunately, it is a very popular destination, especially during the summer. More than six million people a year come through, taking in the views, trails, mule trips, white water rafting, train tours and helicopter rides. It’s a good idea to arrive before 9:00 am to beat the crowds.

The South Rim

Open year-round, this is the main starting point for most visitors. With hotels, bus service and water stations it is the most developed part of the park. Some of the best views are Pipe Creek Vista and Yavapai Point. Both are great spots the enjoy some flavor and a deep vape.

The North Rim

Over 320 km away, the North Rim is less busy and only open part of the year. It’s also 304.8 m higher, (that’s about 1000 feet), which makes a big difference in climate and vegetation. The slight bite to the air in the evenings echoes the chill in Jango Chill.

Bright Angel Trail

Starting from the South Rim, this trail is the safest way into the canyon and provides amenities like shade structures, emergency phones, toilets and water stations. It heads down through a variety of switchbacks for over 7 km and includes a suspension bridge over the Colorado River. This is the oldest trail in the park and the one originally followed by Native Americans and prospectors.

Skywalk at Eagle Point

This attraction is not for the faint of heart or those terrified by heights. The Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped walkway of glass over 1200 meters above the canyon floor,(that’s 4000 feet) on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Open since 2007, it’s for those who think standing on the edge of a cliff doesn’t' provide enough of a view.

Star gazing

Since most of us live in concentrated population areas, light pollution prevents us from getting an accurate view of the night sky. Starting in 2016 the Grand Canyon began changing exterior lights to limit light pollution and meet International Dark Sky Park certification and now it is a beautiful spot to watch a sunset fade into a natural night sky.

The great thing about an e-cigarette in a place like the Grand Canyon is that there is no fire risk like that which comes with traditional cigarettes, meaning you don’t have to worry when the park implements smoking bans in times of increased dryness.

We have more stops on our Epic Road Trip ahead and more flavors to explore.