Epic Road Trip: Portland

We’ve left Canada and headed to Portland, staying in the Pacific Northwest. Located at the meeting of the Willamette and Columbia riversit has many parks and natural beauties along with a strong arts scene. 


Covering more than 410 acres, Washington Park is home to many of the city’s top attractions including picnic spots, tennis courts and wild forest to explore. Imagine walking under the trees enjoying the e-juice Caramel Macchiato, a light espresso flavor mixed with a milky latte that’s drizzled with sweet caramel. 

Did you know that changing the temperature of your mod is one way to improve the flavor of your e-juice? Different flavours vaporize at different temperatures so consider beginning with the lowest temperature, slowly increasing until you find the ideal temperature. 

Oregon Zoo 

While you’re in Washington park you’ll want to see Portland’s most famous attraction the Oregon Zoo. Open since 1888 it has 1,955 animals ranging across 232 species and runs breeding programs for the 21 species that are listed as threatened or endangered.   

Take this chance to change your wick. You should do this whenever you switch flavours so as to prevent flavours from mixing in unpleasant ways. We suggest cotton wicks as they perform better than the synthetic kind.  

Pioneer Courthouse Square  

The locals call this Portland’s living room. At the center of downtown this 40,000 square foot public area is a great place to hangout and people watch while vaping VanGo’s French Vanilla. This coffee flavour is infused with soft vanilla and a dark sugar finish giving it a smooth sweet taste. Also take a chance to play with the square’s life size chess board before you head to the next stop.  

Oak Park 

Bet you didn’t know that Portland is the home to America’s largest roller rink! Yep, they’re still around! With competitions and discos, you can have a great time trying out your moves, but if this isn’t your thing, Oak Park also has amusement park rides and carnival games. 

Don’t play games with your flavours. If you want to avoid vaper’s tongue there are some tricks you can use to cleanse your palate between flavours. Sucking a lemon or drinking some water is all it takes to clear an old flavour from your mouth before you enjoy a new one.  

Museum of Contemporary Craft 

One of Portland’s more unusual museums, it was founded in 1937 and is split over two floors. The many exhibitions cover past, present and future and in the store you can often catch artists working with ceramics, wood, glass and less traditional materials. 

After you’ve visited the gift shop, have a vape of White Chocolate Mocha. Those around you will be jealous when they smell the overtones of chocolate, macadamia and sweet vanilla. 

PortlandInternational Raceway   

This track sports all kind of events from drag racing, motor cross, cruise-ins and auto and motorcycling racing. It may be loud but it’s always exciting. Pick a winner and vape a Double Double, a richly brewed espresso with sweet dark sugar. 

Just like racing tires did you know that different coils in your device can have different impacts. Some are better for creating bigger clouds while others improve flavours. Larger coils allow you to vape more juice while coils with lots of twists and turns impact the flavour experience. 

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