Does vaping increase the chance of COVID 19?

On Sunday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wildly claimed that vaping makes the risk of getting the feared Corona Virus COVID 19 higher. This claim of his was based on the wildly ridiculous “proof” that a 22-year-old man has the illness and is a vaper…

Not that there is any higher prevalence of the sickness or anything, but that there is one case. This is like saying that people who drive Toyota’s have a higher chance of getting the coronavirus because there is an ill person who drives a Toyota. As is the case with many news articles, in the article that wrote about this by CBS, the truth is hidden near the end where it states that “most experts acknowledge that it's still too early to know for sure" and that any connection is just a "possibility."

Vaping is said to be 95% healthier than cigarette smoking according to health experts, and so even if there is a correlation drawn that people that smoke cigarettes have a higher chance of getting the disease (a correlation between smoking and susceptibility towards the coronavirus), you cannot assume that it carries over to vapers. Until now the only valid negative statement that health officials can say about vaping is that it the long-term effects are not known, but if the alternative is cigarettes than what is the issue?

Of course, the issue is money. Pharmaceutical companies and tobacco companies the like feel threatened by the success rates vaping has on people trying to quit vaping, and so their pawns like Bill de Blasio feel the need to prop them up a notch.

With the seriousness of COVID 19 getting dire, now is the time where the media should be focusing on educating the people with the truth, facts and how to stay safe. Attacks on something so irrelevant to the disease like vaping only serves to confuse and hurt people, and will make this scary issue even worse.

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