Do You Know Vango?

Do You Know VanGo?

June 8th, 2018. Steven Bustrin, H2 Digital.

Uniqueness, intricate, wild, and consistent are all ways to describe the products of VanGo Vapes. But do you really know who they are behind-the-scenes? Founded by Saadiq Daya in 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, VanGo Vapes is a global e-liquid manufacturer and e-juice distributor specializing in original Vango branded flavors. Boasting a delicious and diverse selection as well as impeccable customer service, VanGo has excelled in bringing quality e-liquids to the growing vape industry.

Working alongside retail and distributor partners, VanGo Vapes e-liquids are readily available in most vape stores across Canada, in select parts around the world, or delivered globally to any location directly from the VanGo Vapes headquarters. The group of Canadians are a massive team of professionals and fast-moving strategists that are quickly growing to become one of the key leaders in the vape industry.

VanGo is uniquely known for its variety of flavors, as we know, from unique fruit blends, creamy desserts and custards to deep rich tobaccos, they continue to keep you on your toes and your taste buds fresh. With an industry that’s rapidly changing, growing and adjusting, VanGo stays up-to-date and relevant with its continuation to adapt and adjust their own flavors.

One of the most impressive traits about VanGo is their quality in customer service. Over the course of my marketing career there’s never been any other company that sets up retails stores like the way they do. Part of any great company is service, and the margin of error against competition is so slim and VanGo does everything in their will to stay ahead of the game. Part of their process is to not only to make sure their product is available to the customer but that the employees of the various stores around the world they do business with is taken care of as well.

VanGo fans rave over the flavors, frequently featured on social media with influencers and critics, the word around town spreads quickly especially with its new flavors and product announcements. If you are on social media and follow the vape community there isn’t a day you won’t go without seeing a VanGo product. They are very impressive when it comes to exposure and the way their product is displayed is nothing but quality and class.

Along with their involvement online, you can catch VanGo being involved with trade shows around the world being exposed to hundreds of thousands of vape enthusiasts. They travel to expos from their home country in Canada, the States, and all the way out to the UK. Trying to keep up with the traveling can be a bit hard but that’s what makes VanGo one of the key companies in the vaping industry. They also are consistently updating their products to follow compliance of the TPD, CVA, and FDA regulations to make themselves readily available for consumers around the world.

It’s a pleasure being a part of the VanGo crew and the future is looking bright for the company as a whole. Don’t be surprised to see them at the top of the food chain in the near future at the rate they’re progressing. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the products or the company as a whole, browse through their social medias and plug yourself into the email subscription. You definitely will not have a dry moment with these guys because they are a vibrant group and if you are following VanGo you will receive the updates to come.